Design/construction projects

Since early 1993, the Managing Partner Er.á Goh Cheow Leng Maria has completed manyá Civil, Structural, and Tunneling Projects, only some are listed below for confidentiality reasons:



a.áááááááá $250 million Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) at Thomson Road, Singapore. Click


b.áááááááá $22 million Institute of South East Asian Studies at Heng Mui Keng Terrace. Click


c.áááááááá Government Schools and Buildings.


d.áááááááá JTC Precast Factoriesáá at Tuas Avenue 8.


e.áááááááá Private Developments & Commercial Projects, including additionsá & alterations.


f.ááááááááá Deep Tunnelingá & Pipe Jacking Works for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System in Changi Singapore. Click


g.áááááááá Construction for Diaphragm Wall, Bored Piling Constructioná & Jet Grouting for Various Commercial Projects.


h.áááááááá Mobil Projects.


i.ááááááááá CD Shelters, Household & Storey Shelters, MRT Shelters.





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