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Dear Friends,


            These webpages were created to share with you the basic concept in Engineering Project Constructions, Contracts & Law. I hope to make it easy with “simple to understand” language so that you could capture the basic knowledge in order to understand your projects requirements better.


2.         Since I have started work in the Construction Industry in April 1993, in designing and managing numerous construction projects, I have encountered many who have made the wrong decisions concerning  construction projects, and have suffered huge losses because there need to be re-worked  in order to satisfy the Project Requirements…


3.         In my opinion, if these projects were managed properly without such mistakes & harmful redundant work-done, the company should have made profits instead of suffering losses.


4.         In reading these webpages, kindly be reminded that only the very basic concepts are presented. From my many years of experience involving in so many construction projects, I have not encountered any design / construction requirements that one can just copy from any text books or journals. Many a time, as responsible engineers, we would use the basic knowledge that we studied in the University, reading of journals and research reports, to propose a most suitable & economical design for construction purposes. In short, you would need a good and responsible Professional Engineer to work on any construction project to make it a success.


5.         Thus, what you find in these webpages might not be something that you could find in any text books or journals, as I am drafting them based on my practical experience in construction on site, and explain them with engineering concepts, so that you could capture the essence of my messages, and avoid making similar mistakes of others, so as to avoid possible losses due to lack of knowledge.


6.         Finally, we want to highlight that we accept no responsibility / liability should anyone copy / use whatever suggestions in these webpages and suffer any kind of losses or damages. As what we have stated hereinafter are on goodwill purposes and we are not charging anyone in reading these webpages. Thus, if you want to adopt any of our suggestions, you should consult us first to clarify, as there are other complex considerations that we could have omitted in order not to confuse any reader who probably do not have any basic engineering knowledge.


7.        Thank you and we wish you all the best for your endeavours.


Best regards,

For and on behalf of

Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP


Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria

Managing Partner




Last updated: 20 February 2015

Important Note:


All the contents in these Free Lectures are the intellectual property of Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria and are subjected to copyright laws. Thus, you could only view them and should not copy, print, circulate and use any of them for other purposes without the consent of Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria.






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