Publication Date: 8 September 2014


Dear Friends,


             We have ventured into the China, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia & Australia Markets, serving Developers, Contractors & Suppliers who intend to do (/ are doing) business in the ASEAN Countries, Members of the European Communities and the United States.


2.          We normally work with our Clients as in-house Consultants to help them with the Drafting of Construction and / or Commercial Contracts, Contractual and Legal Claims matters, Investments, Managing Projects from conception to completion; as we are the Specialist Consultants in Engineering / Construction, Contracts, Law and Project Management.


3.          Please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 93384746, one of our Associate Consultants would personally answer your queries if you have intention to engage us as your in-house Consultants for your Projects.


4.          You are also invited to read our “Free Lectures – Construction made Easy!” in our Website. Know that we are the committed “Angel Consultants” to help you to succeed in your projects and plough back huge profit.


5.          As usual, any individual / company who is successful in recommending to us a good credit rating Client would receive a 5% commission from the 1st payment we receive from them for our Professional Work-done.


6.            Alternatively, we are also interested to team-up with individual professional or Company of goodwill; on Project Works around the Globe, as we want to market our Professional Services Universally. We are keen to team up with you & share profits of work-done based on win-win arrangements. Finally, we thank you for your interest in our work.



Best regards,

For and on behalf of

Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP


Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria

Managing Partner



Publication Date: 29 May 2013


So you want to be An Angel?


Dear Friends,


            Whenever we switch on the news, all we hear is the gloomy economy all over the world; this is causing much distress and anxiety on the majority of the people especially those who do not have proper lodging or food, or have to be forced out in the streets…


2.         Luckily, our good God has also created many Visible Angels during this period and He is doing more every day.  We hope that you Angels would quickly stand forward & identify yourselves; we know that our God has blessed you with many financial gifts during this period despite the poor economy, we hope that you would contribute whatever that is within your means to help our brothers & sisters who are in need all over the world…


3.         We do not want to receive any donation on behalf of anyone, but we want to identify you by putting you names or your company names in our webpage to encourage others. All we need is the proof of your donations to any of the proper and honest Charitable Organization or Government Body  around the world starting from 29 May 2013; we would then verify and do the necessary to help you to market yourselves or your companies in our website.


What will you get in return?

a. Free link from our website for your advertising purposes (if you have a webpage) &

b. A special discount from us if you engage our Professional Services including webpage design.


4.         Dear Angels, we thank you in advance on behalf of everyone around the Globe; concerning all the great things that you are going to do next…


Best regards,


Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP


Message Posted on 25 July 2012


Dear Clients / Potential Clients,


            Due to the high volume of incoming emails & mobile phone sms that we are receiving every day, we would like to inform you that our priority would be to reply to Clients who have contracted with us.


2.         If you do not belong to the aforesaid category and you want us to respond to you, please give us a phone call @ +65 93384746 as a reminder so that your emails or sms would not be mistakenly treated as “junk”.


3.         We thank you for your understanding & cooperation. Have a good day.



Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of

Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP


Jennifer Wee

Associate Consultant & Personal Assistant to Directors