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1. We provide a full range of Engineering Consultancy Services; these include design and supervision of Construction Projects, Project Management, Contracts and Claims services. Being an experienced consultancy firm in the Construction industry, we also assist Directors of Company (Contractors & Employers) in Business Development, Contract Drafting, providing business strategies for complicated company problems.


2. We help to manage all stages of undertaken projects from development to completion within budget, on time and in accordance with established requirements, mentoring and ensuring the success of the team by making sure goals, deadlines are met and development is continually in progress, these include risk assessment and management.


3. In addition, we involve with drafting and reviewing bid / tender documents, contract preparation, reviewing and agreeing final accounts, variation pricing and the organizing / preparation of contractual claims, providing support to Project Managers and oversee QS staffs etc.


4. We analyse legal issues, prepare and review of contracts / agreements including Standard Contracts such as SIA, PSSCOC, FIDIC, JCT, REDAS, FPSO, EPC, O&M, ICE, EIC, D&B & other contracts such as DBOO & BOT, negotiations of contracts with customers, subcontractors, suppliers and agents and also managing post contract activities e.g. warranty checks, release of retention, and release of letters of credit. In addition, we are actively involved in maximizing financial returns, through the use of resource planning and budgeting, procurement strategies and contract administration and also managing development risk.


5. We have assisted public and private clients (Contractors & Employers) on some of the most complex and technically innovative projects. We have also provided extensive program management, project oversight, troubled project turnaround and other project consulting services including Construction Contracts, Claims and Engineering Works. We have also involved in analysis and resolution of delay and disruption related claims.


6. Based on our claims records over the years, on the average, we have helped clients (Subcontractors & Contractors) claiming back $ Millions within months (this excludes Offshore Marine Projects which involve a much larger amount), for non-payment cases without resort to any legal proceeding, thus helping clients to save on exorbitant legal cost. Alternatively, we are also specialist legal and contracts consultants in rebutting spurious claims thus helping clients (Contractors & Employers) to reduce project expenses.


7. Please do not hesitate to call the undersigned for a non-obligatory discussion.á Wishing you success in all your endeavours and have a good day.



Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of

Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP


Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria

Managing Partner

Specialist Contracts, Project Management Consultant &

PE (Singapore) since 1999 & ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Singapore

B.Eng. (Civil), M.Sc. (Civil)

P.Eng. (Civil), ACPE (Civil) Singapore, LLB (Hon)


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Telephone: +65 93384746

Fax: +65 62192358

Email: emmanuel.maria2000@yahoo.com.sg


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