Professional Services Provided

Emmanuel Consultants was set up in January 2000á & registered with Professional Engineers Board, Singapore in January 2000.


Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP was registered with ACRA/DP Bureau on 21 July 2008 (Registration No. T08LL0962K ).


Emmanuel & Joseph International Consultants was registered with ACRA/DP Bureau on 31 August 2012 (Registration No. 53221764X) and Professional Engineers Board, Singapore on 3 September 2012.


Since early 2000, we have been providing comprehensive Professional Services in the Construction / Commercial Industry:


a. Specialist Business & Project Management, Contracts & Legal Claims Consultancy, Contracts Administration and Consultation for C&S, M&E, ID Contractors / Employers.


b.á Assisting C&S, M&E, ID Contractors in Claims for Non-Payment.á Draftingáá and Reviewing of Agreements, Consultation on complicated contractual matters.á Drafting of Affidavits for Construction Arbitrations and Litigations


c. Assisting Contractors in Tendering of Government, Private, Commercial and MRT Projects. Technical compilations for submissions.á


d.á Assisting Contractors in costs estimations and evaluations during tendering.


e.á Assisting Employers in Reviewá & Evaluations of Tenders.


f.á Assisting Contractors / Employers in Designá & Construction of Private Residential, Commercialá & Industrial Properties, including additionsá & alterations.


g.á Assisting Contractors / Employers in Designá & Constructions of Diaphragm Walls, Tunnels, underground sewers, pipe jacking and Top-Down Construction etc.


h.á Assisting Contractors / Employers in Designá & Construction of Civil Defence Shelters, including MRT Shelters, Community Sheltersá & Householdá & Storey Shelters etc.


i.á Assisting Contractors in Bridge Rectification Works.


j. Assisting Contractors in Design & Construction of Electrical & Mechanical Supports.


k. Building Inspections, Strengtheningá & Rectifications of Defective Buildings.


l.á Leakage Eliminations and Waterproofing.


m. Plumbing related works.


n. Investigations on settlement problems and rectifications.


o.á Rectifications of defective Buildings.


p. All works concerning with improving the integrity of structure, foundation & other engineering works.


q. Webpage Design, Upload & Maintenance.


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Professional Services Provided

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